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Vision, Mission & Goals


Core Values:

CARING - promoting health, healing and hope through the process of supporting nurse educators in the education of nurses.  Organizational activities are managed in a participative and person-centered way, demonstrating an ability to understand the needs of others and a commitment to act in the best interests of stakeholders.

INTEGRITY - mutual respect, acknowledgment of different viewpoints and a focus on excellence in nursing education to promote a just culture.  A culture of integrity is evident when organizatinal principles of open communication, ethical decision-making, and humility are encouraged, expected and demonstrated consistently.

DIVERSITY - affirming the uniqueness of and differences among persons, ideas values, and ethnicitities.  The OLN recognizes the richness and wealth present in diversity not just in population demographics but also among stakeholders and other professional groups/organizations impacting the education of nurses.

EXCELLENCE - fostering high standards in nursing education reflective of evidenced-based teaching/learning strategies, promoting a spirit of inquiry to assure quality and safety in patient centered care.  A culture of excellence reflects a commitment to continuous growth, improvement, and understanding.  It is a culture where transformation is embraced.

VISION:    The Ohio League for Nursing addresses issues facing all nursing education programs through advocacy and leadership.

MISSION STATEMENT:    The OHIO LEAGUE FOR NURSING advances excellence in nursing education that prepares a strong and diverse nursing workforce to advance the nation's health.

GOAL 1:    Promote the professional growth and development of all nurse educators in all education and practice settings. 

GOAL 2:    Foster collaboration among nurses to enhance education, practice and research.

GOAL 3:    Promote growth, diversity, sustainability and excellence of OLN as an affiliated constituent.